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CONTACT: JENI PAAY Swinburne: jpaay@swin.edu.au

Wine is an experience. It engages all of our senses. Before we even taste wine we hold the bottle, admire the label, listen to it being poured in the glass, assess the colour and texture of the wine, swirl it around the glass, smell it and finally taste it. However, human pleasure in the experience can be designed to go far beyond the value of simply drinking the wine. What about the journey the wine has taken to reach you? Who made it, and why? Who else is drinking it now? Why does it taste the way it does?


The social, cultural and scientific aspects of wine making, marketing and drinking offer opportunities for designers and HCI researchers to enhance the user experience of wine. This workshop offers academics and practitioners interested in designing wine futures, the chance to envision new experiences, products and services. Through participative design activities we will explore ways for design and technology to push our knowledge and craft into this unexplored applied research area.

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