Position Papers

The following position papers were accepted for the workshop.

Paul Dourish & Susan Hwang - UCI, CA, USA

Interaction under the Influence: Wine, Interaction Design,
and the Politics of Impermanent Impairment

Jon Pearce & John Murphy - UniMelb, Design4Use

What Wine Will We Want?

Ilana Kaplan - Bayfront UX, CA, USA

Creating a Delightful Experience in Winery Tasting Rooms

Toni Robertson - UTS

Five Empirically-Derived Design Principles for Human-Wine

Margot, Ravihansa, Bernd, Cara, Jennyfer, Tshering,
Alessandro, Aloha, Diego, Jessica, Dhaval, Tara, Anna - QUT

Pairing Wines and Classic Works of HCI

Jordan Hennell, Jieliang Liu, Yuxiao Xue,
Alessandro Soro, Margot Brereton - QUT

Social Media Enabling Sobriety

Oliver Weidlich - Mobile Experience

The Organisation and Finding of the Right Bottle of Wine

Jesper Kjeldskov & Mikael B. Skov - Aalborg Uni, DK

The 4Q framework:

Principles of Interaction Design and Wine 

Sonja Pedell & Alen Keirnan - Swinburne Uni

Only a Pig Drinks Alone –
Understanding the Social Wine Drinking Experience

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